Our Story

Hi there! My name is Jobi Manson. I love the ocean, riding elephants and my puggle — Durban. 
A few months ago, I embarked on a spirit journey to the heart of my favorite continent, Africa. A place pocket options where I have always felt inspired, connected to the rhythms of life, and surrounded by the most incredible landscapes on the planet. And on this journey, I found myself. 
“The Journey is the Destination.” Iconic words by one of my role models, Dan Eldon. Words that shaped my perceptions + experience while on this adventure where I came face to face with my life’s mission, which is to build a sanctuary for creative explorers. This sanctuary aims to unite my community through artistic + soulful practices as a means of self-discovery. 
Sēfari (means) Sea + Safari
After years of surfing + adventuring around the World, I finally decided to create a company where I could channel these passions into a career. I envisioned a way to inspire to others to seek their own creativity + cherish the beauty of nature + come together to celebrate life. 
To me, Sēfari is the spirit of adventure. It is a hybrid of the two most powerful forces in my life, the Sea + African safari.
The Sēfari Outpost (born)
While on my travels, I realized that in order for me to access my inner creativity, it was essential to work in a natural environment. It was also extremely helpful to be surrounded by like-minded + supportive individuals. This realization formed the backbone of what was to be the Sēfari Outpost.
Upon my return to California in October (2015), I approached Etyon Levin (owner of Malibu Market & Design) with the concept and proposal to turn a portion of his property into the flagship outpost.
The Sēfari Outpost opened its doors to the public on December 11th, 2015. The business is based on
providing the Malibu community its first creative co-working space. Sēfari hosts artistic + holistic workshops as a means of self-discovery. We embark upon http://pocketoption.com.pk luxury eco-adventures to gain inspiration from the world around us. And we collect + create treasures from our travels + showcase them in a lifestyle boutique.